• Exalogic Power On Sequence

    The power on sequence is as follows:

    1. Rack, including switches.Ensure that the switches have had power applied for a few minutes to complete power-on configuration before starting the storage controllers and compute nodes.
    2. Storage server heads attached to the chassis of the storage device.Wait for a few minutes for the storage appliance to boot and start NFS services and daemons.
    3. Compute nodes.
    4. Start up all VMs


    After power is applied, the LEDs on all compute nodes and storage server heads will start blinking after a few minutes. From the rear of the rack, you can see the green LEDs on the PSUs turn on instantly after power is applied. In addition, from the rear of the rack, you can see the display on the PDUs that lights up once power is available.

    Cautions and Warnings

    The following cautions and warnings apply to Exalogic machines:

    •   Do not touch the parts of this product that use high-voltage power. Touching them might result in serious injury.
    •   Do not power off Exalogic machines unless there is an emergency. In that case, follow the Emergency Power-off Procedure.
    •   Keep the front and rear cabinet doors closed. Failure to do so might cause system failure or result in damage to hardware components.
    •   Keep the top, front, and back of the cabinets clear to allow proper airflow and prevent overheating of components.
    •   Use only the supplied hardware.

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