• Clear Winbind cache

    How to clear Winbind cache


    Stop the Winbind service :

    [root@raafat root]#  service winbind stop

    Stop the samba service if you have it :

    [root@raafat root]#  service smb stop

    Clear the Samba Net cache:

    [root@raafat root]#  net cache flush

    Delete the Winbind cache :

    [root@raafat samba]# cd /var/lib/samba/

    Always take backup before deleting anything:

    [root@raafat samba]# mkdir old && mv *.tdb old/.

    Start the samba service if you have it :

    [root@raafat samba]# service smb start

    Start the Winbind service

    [root@raafat samba]# service winbind start

    Now you can check.

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