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    Apache Benchmarking (ab) on CentOS

    The Apache httpd web server comes with a benchmarking tool to simulate a high load and to gather data for analysis.
    The Apache Benchmark loc­a­tion on CentOS serv­ers is :

    # /usr/local/apache/bin/ab

    You can symlink the location of ab to be easy to remember:

    # ln –s /usr/local/apache/bin/ab /bin/ab
    or cp -avix /usr/local/apache/bin/ab /bin/

    Apache Benchmark can be a helpful tool to determine response times based on various traffic patterns. It lets you determine how many requests per second your server should be able to handle, and how long each visitor will have to wait to receive a response.

    The syntax is pretty straight forward:

    ab -c 10 -n 1000 http://raafat.innovationsol.com/blog/


    • -n 1000: ab will send 1000 number of requests to server raafat.innovationsol.com in order to perform for the benchmarking session
    • -c 5 : 10 is concurrency number i.e. ab will send 10 number of multiple requests to perform at a time to server raafat.innovationsol.com

    This will create output similar to :

    This is ApacheBench, Version 2.3 <$Revision: 655654 $>
    Copyright 1996 Adam Twiss, Zeus Technology Ltd, http://www.zeustech.net/
    Licensed to The Apache Software Foundation, http://www.apache.org/
    Benchmarking raafat.innovationsol.com (be patient)
    Completed 100 requests
    Completed 200 requests
    Completed 300 requests
    Completed 400 requests
    Completed 500 requests
    Completed 600 requests
    Completed 700 requests
    Completed 800 requests
    Completed 900 requests
    Completed 1000 requests
    Finished 1000 requests
    Server Software:        Innovationsol.com
    Server Hostname:        raafat.innovationsol.com
    Server Port:            80
    Document Path:          /blog/
    Document Length:        54339 bytes
    Concurrency Level:      10
    Time taken for tests:   58.098 seconds
    Complete requests:      1000
    Failed requests:        0
    Write errors:           0
    Total transferred:      54542000 bytes
    HTML transferred:       54339000 bytes
    Requests per second:    17.21 [#/sec] (mean)
    Time per request:       580.982 [ms] (mean)
    Time per request:       58.098 [ms] (mean, across all concurrent requests)
    Transfer rate:          916.79 [Kbytes/sec] received
    Connection Times (ms)
                  min  mean[+/-sd] median   max
    Connect:        0    0   0.1      0       2
    Processing:   209  579 908.4    467   18835
    Waiting:      208  579 908.4    466   18834
    Total:        209  579 908.5    467   18835
    Percentage of the requests served within a certain time (ms)
      50%    467
      66%    545
      75%    589
      80%    621
      90%    690
      95%    944
      98%   2107
      99%   3244
     100%  18835 (longest request)

    From this we can see that the server tested was able to hand approximately 17 requests per second and was able to process 1000 requests in just under 58 seconds. Whether or not these are acceptable values completely depends on the requirements of your project and application.

    –This article will be followed.

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