• How to configure NTP for EMC VNX Data Mover

    NTP can be configured for EMC VNX Data Movers in two ways.

    Option 1 : Unisphere

    1. Login to Unisphere as Sysadmin (Administrator).
    2. Select the Desired Array from Unisphere Dashboard.
    3. Go to System > Hardware > Data Movers.
    4. Select the desired Data Mover.
    5. Click Properties.
    6. In NTP Servers, type NTP Servers IP Address (
    7. Click OK.


    To verify, if the Data Mover IP is able to communicate with the destination IP:


    1. Go to Setting > Network > Settings for File > Routes.
    2. From Network Settings > Click Ping – Data Mover.
    3. Select the required Data Mover.
    4. Select an Interface of the Data Mover.
    5. Type the NTP Servers IP Address.
    6. Click OK.


    If it is reachable, you can see a similar message as below:

    “Ping from Server_2. Data Mover Server_2: Response from host: is alive, time=3 ms”

    Option 2 : Control Station CLI

    Login to the Control station as nasadmin using putty (ssh).


    The syntax for Listing, Adding and Deleting NTP on Data Mover is given below:

    To view Current Date and Time on Data Mover.

    server_date <data mover>
    To view Current NTP Status and Configuration on Data Mover

    server_date <data mover>  timesvc stats ntp
    To Start NTP Service and Configure NTP on Data Mover

    server_date <data mover> timesvc start ntp <NTP Server IP Address>
    To Stop NTP Service on Data Mover

    server_date <data mover> timesvc stop ntp
    To Delete NTP Service on Data Mover

    server_date <data mover> timesvc delete ntp


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